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How we treat chronic knee pain

Reflex was founded as a medical practice that does things differently. We believe surgery is not the only option for chronic knee pain and is a treatment that should not be rushed into unless absolutely necessary. Our unique approach helps you understand how Osteoarthritis affects your knee and all of your treatment options.

What does having healthy joints mean to you, your family, and for your goals?

We treat chronic knee pain

You’ll receive care that’s completely focused on you, including highly effective treatments such as Hyaluronan knee injections (Hyaluronan is a natural substance found in joints.) We have a unique combination of non-surgical treatments including injections, braces, wraps and soothing salves centered around reducing your knee pain and getting you back to life.

Pain relief and peace of mind

Reflex knee injections, performed by our dedicated in-house physicians, are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. It takes just minutes to administer and lasts up to a year after a treatment series is completed. The results are not just pain relief and improved joint mobility, the results are getting back to life.

The options you want for complete care

From knee injections to braces to nutritional supplements, we focus on helping you with compassion and attentiveness. Our specialists use the latest breakthroughs and techniques to provide you with the most precise, advanced care. You’ll be thrilled by the results you can achieve from the Reflex approach.


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