About the Reflex Knee Team

Drs. Carroll and Riggs founded Reflex Clinic in 2011 to help you live your best, healthiest life – free of chronic knee pain by providing the best treatment options available.

Located in Portland, Oregon, the entire Reflex knee team is focused on you and dedicated to diagnosing, treating and relieving your knee pain. We are here to help restore your mobility so you can get back to your active life.

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Greg Carroll, MD

Russ Riggs, MD

Chad Byars, MD

Frances Lawson, MD

Samuel Kim, MD

Mark Roberts, DO

Tresa Laymon

Alysha Aronson

Thomas Hannam

Jason Teav

Melissa Gillihan

If you suffer from knee pain, call us today to schedule your initial evaluation: (503) 719-6783.