Reflex opened its doors to patients in March of 2011

after extensive research and planning by doctors Russ Riggs and Greg Carroll. The idea for Reflex came when Dr. Riggs began experiencing knee pain which began to limit his hiking, and discovered that a novel treatment, viscosupplementation, was available for treatment of knee arthritis.  Dr. Carroll also developed a personal interest as he watched his mother’s health deteriorate due to osteoarthritis (OA).

  “I watched her quality of life decline as she gained weight, developed health issues, and lost her ability to function.  Dr. Riggs and I researched all possible treatments, medications, and alternatives for knee arthritis and found that no clinic offered a holistic approach to this widespread condition, and that’s why we started Reflex.”

The vision was to offer all possible treatment modalities for knee OA in a single clinic.  “Patients are generally shuffled between their primary care provider, physical therapist, and orthopedic surgeon for this condition, and often are not given full disclosure of all treatment options available to them”, says Dr. Riggs.

“At Reflex, we want patients to not only better understand their diagnosis of knee OA, but to also be fully informed regarding the several treatment options that are out there.”

Reflex’s focus is a non-surgical approach to treating knee OA.  As Dr. Carroll notes, “Patients are often told that surgery is their only option, despite several effective non-surgical treatments being available. Several patients want to explore non-surgical treatments before undergoing an operation as monumental as total joint replacement.”

Dr. Carroll and Dr. Riggs are both passionate about quality, and insist that all  treatments offered at Reflex be backed by evidenced-based research.

“If we develop an organization that offers the highest quality of treatment for knee OA, patients should experience better outcomes.”

The personal reasons that inspired doctors Riggs and Carroll to open the clinic have influenced how they operate it and interact with patients. Every patient that comes through the doors is an individual with their own specific cares and concerns and deserves to be treated as such. At Reflex, the chief focus is to give every patient the best service possible at all points of treatment.

Over the past two years Reflex has expanded from two treating physicians, a corrective exercise specialist, and concierge to a clinic with six physicians, two clinic assistants, and five additional members of administrative staff. We look forward to continued growth, hoping to serve as many sufferers of osteoarthritis pain as possible.

We want to get you back to life!